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  • Vote Chess Team Work

    Great team work in our vote chess game. I hope to work with you again some time!

    From: musicalhair

    Date: 1/22/10 at Fri 5:52 AM

    "Dude, While I think trophies are kinda cheesy, you gotta get something for the work you put in to this last vote. When I voted, I had no idea how many people had voted and what the status was. I wasn't sure you knew either because I hadn't seen a vote total. So I voted the way I wanted (Red8) and posted the results. I looked at the number of people we had and figured we'd be alright. You looked one step further and saw we weren't getting but about 1/3 "voter turnout" each time, and amped up the campaign to rescue us from locking in one of our rooks. So, great job seeing the process so clearly and working for a win."