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  • My Error

    I made a bad error in that game, ugh! Good game though.

    For game Nazi SS Lt. Harvey Keitel's 'B'astardized 'A'ngriff 'D'emons! finished on 7/11/10

    From: AllogenicMan

    Date: 7/11/10 at Sun 4:34 PM

    ""Well[?] - I guess my Bishop sacrifice did prove itself unsound after your good replies. I know, probably best for me was my 25/.. B-e6[!] (threatening mate in one), but I was sure you'd only play 26/ Ra-g1[!] (26/ K-e4 was playable as well, but looked rather weak for you). Your 26/ P-h7[!] was something I didn't expect and you kept me running ever since ... The only thing I was somewhat 'proud' of was how I managed to almost[!] equalize you into the early middlegame. I think both of us may have had better moves from that point onwards, leading into a much different game[?] ... Anyway, I enjoyed this game, nonetheless - maybe[?] next time ... Thanks for the game ... "