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  • Don't Be Too Critical

    Don't be too hard on yourself. It is only a game.

    From: blixter

    Date: 12/10/10 at Fri 3:27 PM

    "Beating you was just two easy. Playing predictable people is quite easy really. They move their pieces in the exact way for 5-6 consecutive moves in the hopes of slowing their opponent and thus gaining the advantage in time. Then, when the other guys runs out of time, he has to make some desperate moves which you then capitalize (four syllables for ya) on and get your mate. Ya, a real sound strategy. Unfortunately (6 syllables), once you get into the 1900's you need a lot more game than you possess. So, I figure one thing. If you take up knitting, I'm sure it would be a much better use of your time. Let's face it. You don't have the brains or charisma to play the likes of me!!"