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  • Small difference

    That could have been a win, with just a few different moves.

    For game Let's Play! finished on 8/13/11

    From: Steven_Stafford

    Date: 8/13/11 at Sat 11:01 AM

    "I saw only two not-so-good moves on your part. After my 23rd move, stacking my rooks, you should have placed your rook behind your bishop. The knight was obviously an oversight, but that was the other move you could have done without. Who knows, I think the handicap of being down a knight cost you a lot, perhaps even this game. I was only up three pawns and a knight, but your position was severely compromised when I forced your king out into my pawns. It was only a matter of time at that point, as you pointed out. If it is alright with you, I will most definitely elevate you above oaf status. I like the way you play. And by the way, I looked and it seems I have mislead you. My blitz ranking is 1100 and some change. Blitz is quick play, 5 minute games with no bonus and for some reason I have never been able to survive that. My standard rating is 1996, and that is 15 | 10 or longer games with no move bonus. I have always had to contemplate things, even when they seem won, as I am always missing some key piece otherwise. "