Sai20 Trophy Room


  • a-MAZE-ing

    That was an amazing job weaving your way through the complications. Good game!

    For game Let's Play! finished on 10/5/11

    From: abijithr

    Date: 10/5/11 at Wed 8:29 PM

    "You played really well in this game. I appreciate your sportsmanship. Rg7+ - Kh8 , Rxf7-Rb6+ , Kd7(?)-Bxb3, Be7-Ba4+ , Kd8-Kg8 , Rg7+-Kh8 , Bf6-Rb2 , Rc7+-Kg8 , h7+ - Kf8 - Bg7#! You must have won! Next time , I will let you know the errors in moves. But this one was an amazing game."