Hugh_T_Patterson Trophy Room


  • You Swept Me

    You keep beating me over and over again!

    For game Let's Play! finished on 3/8/09

    From: Vertmouron

    Date: 3/8/09 at Sun 2:59 PM

    "Hugh_T_Patterson: Your game is getting much stronger. I am proud of the progress you've made:) Vertmouron: :-)) :_)) :-)) Vertmouron: I was curious and I looked up my games archives. As I was aware, you`re the one who`s really made a dramatic stride. On our very first game (december 15), you were rated 1184 and myself 1089. I was'nt sure whether you'd get to see my last message as you checkmated me in the meantime. I was actually planning to resign but I'd love to go for a rematch "