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  • Congratulations!

    Well Done :)

    From: Snapdragon

    Date: 8/11/12 at Sat 7:56 PM

    "Horrible trophy, but it's the only one I could find with the "congratulations!" message. Anyway, I'm tickled pink about the acquisition of a new kitty!!! I'm sure they'll get along just fine and you won't even have to rescue one from the other. When you get a chance, send me a picture of the new kitty, as well as one (or two or three) of the two of them together. I have a disk labeled "OP Cats" where I store Other People's Cats. How crazy is that? But the pictures are so adorable, I just can't bear to delete them. I have a friend in England (the one who visited me about two years ago -- I may have told you about her) who sent me something like twenty or thirty pictures of her various cats. The CD solves my problem of what to do with the photos without deleting them entirely and no letting them clog up precious computer space. "