Blitz Death Match #5 Goes to Hasbun!

  • IM DanielRensch
  • on 5/22/12, 3:04 PM. hosted its 5th Blitz Chess Death Match on Sunday, May 20th from 11am to 3pm Pacific time. Originally, GM Kacheishvili was set to face off against SM (Senior Master) Jorge Sammour Hasbun in a rival match of US Chess League foes (click here to see IM Pruess's exciting preview of the match).

However, when Kacheishvili withdrew at the last minute, his shoes were filled with Norway's #2 overall player and the current highest rated blitz player on GM Jon Ludvig Hammer. Though GM Hammer seemed to be the favorite on paper, SM Hasbun's reputation as one of the best blitz and rapid players in the world proved to be true when he ran away with the match, winning by a final score of 17.5 to 11.5.

Hasbun grabbed an early lead with taking 3.5 out of the first 4 games, and though Hammer did win 3 consecutive games to start the 3 1 segment of the match, once Hasbun started winning again, the match was never close. Hammer said in his post match interview with IM Danny Rensch that he felt he missed some opportunities to convert better positions early on in the match. Two games he may have been referring to can be seen here:

Here is one more exceptionally complex win by the "Non-FIDE-Titled" Master:

You can view's coverage of the match, which was hosted by IM Rensch and other guests here.

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    I'd love to watch it all, but the video doesn't appear to be up on the TV page.

    I did manage to see the first 20 mins or so and they mentioned Jorge was working on a comeback. Given the result, he might well be ready.

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    The videos aren't loaded on Chess.TV.  Can you get them there? Thanks. I enjoyed watching the others, very alluring.

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    This was my first death match experience, and I was surprised, delighted actually. I had thought that 3 and half hours spent just watching two guys duke it out seemed far too much of a good thing. But I was wrong. The intensity, the quality of the games, the mixing in of commentators, the sheer skill of these guys, was exhilirating to watch. Suddenly it was all over, and I was wanting more!  

    Bring em on!

    'Thanks v much. 

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    Jorge name should be either "Jorge Sammour Hasbun" or, as a short version

    "Jorge Sammour", or "SM Sammour", or "Jorge". "SM Hasbun" is just wrong.

    Compare with "Lenier Dominguez Perez" or "José Raúl Capablanca y Graupera"

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    I guess GM Kacheisvili found out that Jorge had won ICC's Dos Hermanas super blitz tournaments in two consecutive occasiones,hehe.

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    I'm really enjoying these death matches, when I get a chance to watch some of the games. The one between Shankland and Hess was great, as was this one.


    What would make them even better is if could entice one of the big names of the chess world - a top 25 player (Morozevich!) to come and play for a few hours. The prize money on offer would make it worth their while I'd have thought, if they can play from home (isn't it something like a $1000?)

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    FM gauranga

    Good match. How about having a Final Year's End Blitz Championship in December where all the winners from the first 11 or so matches will participate and play each other twice each for some grand prizes?

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