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Bok Wins 11th Blitz Death Match!

Bok Wins 11th Blitz Death Match!

Feb 7, 2013, 10:36 AM 4,589 Reads 5 Comments Chess event coverage

International Master Benjamin Bok won the 11th Chess.com Blitz Death Match, beating Grandmaster Robin Van Kampen in a thrilling contest by the narrowest possible margin!  The final score was Bok 13½, Van Kampen 12½.

The match was held on Saturday, February 2nd, with Bok becoming the first Dutch winner, taking home the larger share of the $1,000 cash prize.

The result was a rating upset, with IM Bok (Elo 2526) a slight underdog against GM Van Kampen (Elo 2596).

The scores were tied 3½-3½ after the opening set of 5/1 games, but Van Kampen edged out to a narrow lead by winning the 3/1 section 4½-3½. As happens so often in Chess.com's Blitz Death Matches, the nerve-jangling 1/1 games changed everything; Bok won 6½-4½ to claim the overall victory!

Here are some of the exciting games from the match.  First, an entertaining early win for Bok at the 5/1 time control when Van Kampen's king got caught in a mating net.


11th Death Match Bok v Van Kampen logo.jpg

Here's a closely fought game from the 3/1 section, where Van Kampen used his passed pawn effectively in a queen and rook ending to claim a 3rd straight win.

Finally, one of the crucial wins for Bok at the frenetic 1/1 time control to take the lead.  Van Kampen never managed to equalise the scores after this game.

You can watch a replay of the match, hosted by IM Rensch and The Poet at www.Chess.com/tv!

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