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  • on 3/6/13, 9:37 AM.

World%20Chess%20Logo%20(Agon)%20The%20Best%20Mind%20Wins.jpgWith a little over a week to go before the start of the 2013 Candidates Tournament in London to determine the next challenger for Vishy Anand's title, the pairings and tickets for the event have been released.

As previously announced on the official website, the 8-player double round-robin competition will take place from 15 March - 1 April.

The venue is The IET at 2 Savoy Place, on the banks on London's river Thames, and the prize fund to be shared by the players totals €510,000 (approx 665,000 USD).

To remind ourselves, the eight Candidates are:


Name  Fed Elo Rank
Carlsen, Magnus   NOR  2872 1
Kramnik, Vladimir   RUS  2810 2
Aronian, Levon   ARM  2809 3
Radjabov, Teimour   AZE  2793 4
Grischuk, Alexander   RUS  2764 10
Ivanchuk, Vassily   UKR  2757 13
Svidler, Peter   RUS  2747 14
Gelfand, Boris   ISR  2740 18


Tickets are available from the official website at this link. Standard prices are £25 for rounds on weekdays, £30 for rounds on weekends, or £200 for a ticket to all the sessions.

The pairings are:


Round 1  15/03/13   
Levon Aronian Magnus Carlsen
Boris Gelfand Teimour Radjabov 
Vassily Ivanchuk  Alexander Grischuk 
Peter Svidler  Vladimir Kramnik
Round 2  16/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen Vladimir Kramnik
Alexander Grischuk  Peter Svidler 
Teimour Radjabov  Vassily Ivanchuk 
Levon Aronian Boris Gelfand
Round 3  17/03/13   
Boris Gelfand Magnus Carlsen
Vassily Ivanchuk  Levon Aronian
Peter Svidler  Teimour Radjabov 
Vladimir Kramnik Alexander Grischuk 
Round 4  19/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen Alexander Grischuk 
Teimour Radjabov  Vladimir Kramnik
Levon Aronian Peter Svidler 
Boris Gelfand Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 5  20/03/13   
Vassily Ivanchuk  Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  Boris Gelfand
Vladimir Kramnik Levon Aronian
Alexander Grischuk  Teimour Radjabov 
Round 6  21/03/13   
Peter Svidler  Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik Vassily Ivanchuk 
Alexander Grischuk  Boris Gelfand
Teimour Radjabov  Levon Aronian
Round 7  23/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen Teimour Radjabov 
Levon Aronian Alexander Grischuk 
Boris Gelfand Vladimir Kramnik
Vassily Ivanchuk  Peter Svidler 
Round 8  24/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen Levon Aronian
Teimour Radjabov  Boris Gelfand
Alexander Grischuk  Vassily Ivanchuk 
Vladimir Kramnik Peter Svidler 
Round 9  25/03/13  
Vladimir Kramnik Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  Alexander Grischuk 
Vassily Ivanchuk  Teimour Radjabov 
Boris Gelfand Levon Aronian
Round 10  27/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen Boris Gelfand
Levon Aronian Vassily Ivanchuk 
Teimour Radjabov  Peter Svidler 
Alexander Grischuk  Vladimir Kramnik
Round 11  28/03/13  
Alexander Grischuk  Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik Teimour Radjabov 
Peter Svidler  Levon Aronian
Vassily Ivanchuk  Boris Gelfand
Round 12  29/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen Vassily Ivanchuk 
Boris Gelfand Peter Svidler 
Levon Aronian Vladimir Kramnik
Teimour Radjabov  Alexander Grischuk 
Round 13  31/03/13  
Teimour Radjabov  Magnus Carlsen
Alexander Grischuk  Levon Aronian
Vladimir Kramnik Boris Gelfand
Peter Svidler  Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 14  01/04/13
Magnus Carlsen Peter Svidler 
Vassily Ivanchuk  Vladimir Kramnik
Boris Gelfand Alexander Grischuk 
Levon Aronian Teimour Radjabov 


If tie-breaks are necessary, then they will be played on the 2nd April. Ground-breaking new online coverage is promised at the official website! UPDATE: All rounds start at 14:00 GMT, and the time control is 2 hours for 40 moves, then an extra 1 hour for the next 20 moves, then 15 minutes with a 30 second increment to finish.

Who is your pick to rise above the rest and become the official world championship challenger?


World Champion Vishy Anand awaits his challenger!

WCC Anand v Gelfand tie-break press conference Vishy Anand.jpg

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  • 4 years ago


    whats the time control of this?

  • 4 years ago


    vodkarov, I thought the other tournaments Carlsen played this year and last were serious with long time controls.  I must have missed something.

  • 4 years ago


    Wait a minute! You mean the challenger might actually not be Carlsen?! Like, through some incredible series of accidents it could be (gulp!) Gelfand again!? OMG! Aye caramba! Great Caesar's Ghost!!  In that event, I swear I'll take up mahjong!

  • 4 years ago


    My money would be on Carlsen, but not with odds like these

    6 times payback on Kramnik & Aronian is pretty good money! Surely Magnus is the probable winner, but not that probable.

  • 4 years ago


    i believe it will ne wither Aronian or Radjabov for only reason they come with so much preparation on hard for anyone to cut through their defense.........carlsen will be second best......lets keep fingre crossed till April 1st........and Celebrate Fool's day with surprise

  • 4 years ago


    a toss up between carlsen and Aronian!

  • 4 years ago


    Given Carlsen's recent record of converting every game in sight into a full point it would be a shock if he did not emerge the challenger.  After that it would be interesting how the wily Anand tackles him. 

  • 4 years ago


    I think, anyone can win; amongst above players.

  • 4 years ago


    Carlsen will be the new world champion and will be there for a while

  • 4 years ago


    Well, everything has been said fellas.... But remember....blunder doesn't recognize stats and player's caliber....  Good luck to all aspiring challengers!!!!

  • 4 years ago


    My power ranking: 









    Vodkarov you are a funny guy, every big tournament is serious, we will see who is correct. 

  • 4 years ago


    This is not the first Candidates for Carlsen, as some may believe. He participated in the 2007 Candidates where he was eliminated by Aronian. To suggest that Carlsen could be down 0-2 after two games is mathematically possible, but highly you know how many games per year he looses currently? I believe he has only lost 1-2 games over the last year. It is a very small %. More than likely, his strategy would be to draw with the "big guns" and smash the "lower" players.

    Also, even though Calsen may not have a great score against Anand, remember that this is historical data, most of those games were when he was a teenager. The 2013 version is a machine.

    To even think that Anand is not even top 50, is just too absurd to believe that the comment could be made by a serious chess follower. Clearly the current WCC has lost his shine, but he still is very hard to beat...even with the increase in mistakes that he is currently making. 

    Like most chess lovers, I want Carlsen to win this and meet Anand.


    Happy 2013

  • 4 years ago


    Doesn't Carlsen feel that this format is wrong? That everybody plays, and world champion gets to play just the final? Imagine how it would be if in the next football WC Spain would play in the final directly?

    I wonder why he is playing then? 

  • 4 years ago


    Magnus Carlsen is the favourite but I don't think it will be easy for him and other players such as Kramnik, Gelfand and Aronian are capable of winning. The least likely to win is Grischuk although he can cause some upsets. Finally we get to see what Carlsen is made of.

  • 4 years ago


    ChuckyTongue Out...

  • 4 years ago


    Finally Carlsen enters the candidates match...

  • 4 years ago


    Thinking Kramnik, Ivanchuk, and Radjabov have the best chances. Gelfand got lucky last time, not something that'll happen twice. Grischuk has chances if he can get to tiebreakers, but he does sometimes have trouble in classical mode methinks. Svidler, I just don't think so with such a strong field. Aronian has been kind of out of form. Carlsen is my wild card because most of his rating is due to victories against players outside of the top 20 or so players. Every player in this group is top 20. It'll be difficult

  • 4 years ago


    My power ranking: 

  • 4 years ago


    bring them by one... lets see if they can beat the tough Anand in the WC! but im rooting for

  • 4 years ago


    I was wondering why radjabov went on his recent hiatus, he was preparing for the candidates. I thought he was going to skip out on that too.

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