Congrats to Tourney Winners

  • mongreltiger
  • on 1/28/12, 5:27 AM.

Congratulations to Klaleidoscope Eyes (10-2-0) and Iwillthrash (13-1-0), winners of the Team Tennessee Bishops 2011 Tournament.  Floyd and Will tied for First Place, each taking a win in the 3rd and final round.  Also, congrats to Opus-360 for taking Third Place.  Stephen's record was 7-5-0, and one of those wins was against  Klaleidoscope in an early round.

CONGRATULATIONS Floyd, Will and Stephen!!!

For more details, visit:

Thanks to Floyd, Will and Stephen and to all who participated in the Team Tennessee Bishops 2011 Tournament. 

We will hold another Team Tennessee tournament this year, details TBD, and I hope to see you all sign-up for it.  Does any Team Tennessee member have suggestions for rule changes for the 2012 tournament?  The 2011 tourney was a "No Vacation" event and I know this prohibited participation by some of our members.  I think we might go back to allowing vacation time in an effort to include everybody who wants to play.  Anybody object?  Let me know your thoughts or suggestions.  All suggestions are welcome.

Greg (mongreltiger)

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    Thanks for the kudos Greg, but to set the record straight, I have never beaten Floyd (KlaleidoscopeEyes). Congratulations to both Floyd and Will for their first place finishes.
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