Great News! Planning to go Live with Dutch next week!

  • DeepGreene
  • on 12/13/12, 1:23 PM.

Hi all!

Thanks to the efforts of all our translators (YOU guys!), we've now reached the point where we believe we can now make the site available in Dutch to non-translators: a change we're planning to make as early as next Monday.

This doesn't necessarily mean that all translations are complete or "perfect"; things will continue to evolve, of course! But we've come a long way!

Thank you!

(If you feel strongly there is any reason why we should not make Dutch optional for all users, please let us know in the Comments.)

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  • 4 years ago


    Thanks very much for your feedback! Very helpful! 

    For the record, we have determined NOT to go live with Dutch (or any other language) next week as we were considering.

    Instead, we are now looking at making some changes to the translation features that will help us get at the problem phrases and get them out of the system more quickly.

    Then we'll see how it goes! Thanks again.

  • 4 years ago


    I don't think the translations for the Dutch version meet the required quality standard.

    I think this is due to the fact that the persons most apt to do the translation are frustrated by the 'votes' on incorrect translations by other users and stopped contributing to the translation.

    You can, of course, do as you please. But I would recommand forming a dedicated team from a subset of the translaters and give them control over the translations, rather than let the masses have it their way

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