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We will be having a currency (money) system in this group that is based on 3.

The base currency unit is the Gold. 81 of these equals a Platinum. 81 of those equals a Diamond. 81 Basics equals a Gold, and will be our "cent" type currency.

How to earn:

Win a game in a team match-1 Gold

Solve a puzzle-1 Basic per current rating of puzzle-creator per move required

Find a better puzzle solution-1 Diamond

Create a puzzle that takes 1-3 trys to solve: 1 Platinum per try plus (puzzle trier's rating divided by 100) Golds. The trier must comment for you to recieve a payment.

Beat a group admin in a game of standard chess: 1 Gold times (opponent's rating minus your's)

Beat a group admin in a game of Chess960: 72 Basics times (opponent's rating minus your's)

How to lose:

Do an offending thing in the group (-81 diamonds)

Payment to something else (see below)

How you can spend currency:

You can buy a new group (Ask a premium member of this group): Pay 729 Diamonds to a premium member who will create your group

You can buy a new tournament (Also, ask a premium member): Pay 27 Diamonds to a premium member who will direct your tournament.

You can use this currency to buy a "Group premium membership," which is 80 Platinums per month or 54 Platinums a year. You will join another group that will be created that will provide the following benefits:

-Play any chess variant

-Create a chess variant tourney

-Discounted prices for specific objects:

  -New group - 486 diamonds

  -New tourney - 18 diamonds

-More puzzles, Tactics-Trainer style


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    as an outsider accidentally clicking on a link to this page i can say that this currency system sounds aweful.. apparently you have to play 3188646 team games to get yourself a free group .

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  • 7 years ago


    personally i do not like this idea, when you say "diamond member" does this mean if we get 81, you give us a diamond membership?

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