Ivanchuk Leading On the Rock

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  • on 2/1/11, 11:05 AM.

After seven completed rounds of the ten-round Gibraltar Masters, Vassily Ivanchuk is leading on a score of six points.

Ivanchuk is half a point ahead of a pack of six players on 5.5 points, including English GM Nigel Short who he beat in round six, and IM Salome Melia from Georgia who is the best placed woman in the field.

The 79 year-old veteran Viktor Korchnoi is among the players, and he took a notable scalp in round two by beating Fabiano Caruana - 61 years his junior!

Chucky brings Nigel's perfect 5/5 start to a shuddering halt in round six




Korchnoi rolls back the years to beat Caruana in round two (pics from the official website)




The format is a 10 round Swiss at a time control of 40 moves in 100 minutes, followed by 20 moves in 50 minutes, and then 15 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment from the start.

There is live commentary available at the official website starting from 15:00 local time (GMT+1). Round eight is currently on-going.

The tournament also has its own Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as webcam broadcasts from the playing hall.

The top standings after seven rounds:

Name Title Nat Elo Pts
Ivanchuk Vassily GM UKR 2764 6.0
Short Nigel D GM ENG 2658 5.5
Fridman Daniel GM GER 2655 5.5
Roiz Michael GM ISR 2649 5.5
Gopal Geetha Narayanan GM IND 2597 5.5
Mikhalevski Victor GM ISR 2579 5.5
Melia Salome IM GEO 2449 5.5
Sengupta Deep GM IND 2530 5.0
Rapport Richard GM HUN 2531 5.0
Adams Michael GM ENG 2723 5.0
Kulaots Kaido GM EST 2577 5.0
Sasikiran Krishnan GM IND 2690 5.0
Harikrishna Pentala GM IND 2667 5.0
Caruana Fabiano GM ITA 2721 5.0
Bologan Viktor GM MDA 2693 5.0
Georgiev Kiril GM BUL 2669 5.0
Onischuk Alexander GM USA 2689 5.0
Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter GM ROU 2678 5.0
Erdos Viktor GM HUN 2593 5.0
Edouard Romain GM FRA 2634 5.0
Speelman Jon S GM ENG 2524 5.0
Fernandez Romero Ernesto IM ESP 2453 5.0
Bellaiche Anthony IM FRA 2458 5.0
Ikonnikov Vyacheslav GM RUS 2580 5.0
Nezad Husein Aziz IM QAT 2420 5.0
Iordachescu Viorel GM MDA 2634 5.0
Fier Alexandr GM BRA 2571 5.0
Szuper Paul
USA 2174 5.0
Korchnoi Viktor GM SUI 2544 4.5
Dzagnidze Nana GM GEO 2550 4.5
Kosintseva Nadezhda IM RUS 2552 4.5
Buhmann Rainer GM GER 2572 4.5
Vallejo Pons Francisco GM ESP 2698 4.5
Lafuente Pablo GM ARG 2561 4.5
Sandipan Chanda GM IND 2641 4.5
Krush Irina IM USA 2483 4.5
Kacheishvili Giorgi GM GEO 2585 4.5
Forsaa Espen FM NOR 2306 4.5
Kanep Meelis GM EST 2531 4.5
Harika Dronavalli IM IND 2520 4.5
Mullon Jean-Baptiste IM FRA 2420 4.5
Robson Ray GM USA 2532 4.5
Lemos Damian GM ARG 2553 4.5
Andersen Mads FM DEN 2410 4.5
Battaglini Gabriel IM FRA 2437 4.5
Vaibhav Suri IM IND 2421 4.5
Karim Ismael IM MAR 2375 4.5
Wohl Aleksandar H IM AUS 2409 4.5
Cabrera Alexis GM ESP 2518 4.5
Vernay Clovis IM FRA 2446 4.5
Boskovic Drasko IM SRB 2412 4.5
Le Roux Jean-Pierre GM FRA 2551 4.5
Zhukova Natalia GM UKR 2441 4.5
Monroy Charles IM FRA 2421 4.5
Slavin Alexei IM RUS 2417 4.5
Wheldon Philip
ENG 2106 4.5
Zhu Chen GM QAT 2495 4.0
Akobian Varuzhan GM USA 2618 4.0
Felgaer Ruben GM ARG 2585 4.0
Cmilyte Viktorija GM LTU 2526 4.0
Weber Tom FM LUX 2310 4.0
El Debs Felipe De Cresce GM BRA 2499 4.0
Zatonskih Anna IM USA 2493 4.0
Berg Emanuel GM SWE 2627 4.0
Soffer Ram GM ISR 2489 4.0
Valgmae Toomas
EST 2190 4.0
Calzetta Ruiz Monica WGM ESP 2284 4.0
Kosintseva Tatiana GM RUS 2570 4.0
Gallagher Joseph G GM SUI 2501 4.0
Zaremba Andrie FM USA 2339 4.0
Peek Marcel IM NED 2342 4.0
Karavade Eesha IM IND 2353 4.0
Al-Sayed Mohammed GM QAT 2490 4.0
Das Arghyadip IM IND 2479 4.0
Hoffmann Michael GM GER 2506 4.0
Cummings David H IM CAN 2366 4.0
Nuri Kambez
SUI 2300 4.0
Stokke Kjetil FM NOR 2413 4.0
Bellin Robert IM ENG 2367 4.0
Gaponenko Inna IM UKR 2466 4.0
Jones Gawain C B GM ENG 2593 4.0
Illner Achim Dr FM GER 2345 4.0
Estrada Nieto Julian IM MEX 2309 4.0
Stefanova Antoaneta GM BUL 2546 4.0
Pogonina Natalija WGM RUS 2472 4.0
Avalos Parra Joao FM CHI 2252 4.0
Tate Alan
SCO 2292 4.0
Navarrete Espi Samuel
ESP 2095 4.0
Daurelle Herve
FRA 2243 4.0
Malmdin Nils-Ake
SWE 2272 4.0
Tozer Philip A A
ENG 2140 4.0
Montero Melendez Rafael
ESP 2265 4.0
Chapman Terry P D
ENG 2250 4.0

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  • 6 years ago


    Go go Korchnoi my ever favorite!!!

  • 6 years ago


    I think there's a mistake in the notation on the Ivanchuk game. 63. Rf6 is mate, not a big deal, it just kept me staring at the board for a second looking for blacks way out.

  • 6 years ago



  • 6 years ago


    @Caliphigia: I think I missed one or two moves, if Kg4 then maybe push the pawns, if Kh4 then Qxh2.
  • 6 years ago


    excellent play by both

  • 6 years ago


    Korchnoi is a legend

    and Paul Szuper great job so far, no FIDE title but 5 out of 7 so far

    good luck to everyone

  • 6 years ago


    Still analyzing how WGM Natalija lost. White played like an IM already.

  • 6 years ago


    fascinating t0urnament...

  • 6 years ago


    viktor "the legend" Korchnoi still rocking...

  • 6 years ago



  • 6 years ago


    @dave_9990: After 47...d4, 48. Qg1? black has 48... Qf4#

  • 6 years ago


    BRAVO IVAN!!!!

  • 6 years ago

    NM Petrosianic

    Szuper's one and only loss thus far in the tourney was a really crazy game, it features a fascinating endgame and he obtained a win and a draw from 2 gms, the win against natalia and a draw from another wgm. Very impressive technique in some equal positions against higher rateds, you can see the games on chessgames.
  • 6 years ago


    BTW, note the presence of one Paul Szuper with 5/7 who is a USCF national master but holds no FIDE title but is more than holding his own against the GMs and IMs. Alas, one of his victims seems to have been Natalia Pogonina. I found the game on chessgames.com:

  • 6 years ago


    Korchnoi's game is a thing of beauty, regardless of his advanced years. Every move is concrete and rock solid, and the pressure mounts and mounts. Wonderful. 

  • 6 years ago


    Viktor "the terrible" Kortchnoi always shines!Good for you!Good luck!

  • 6 years ago


    isnt that last position in the ivanchuk game mate? 

    king cant take the rook. no other piece can take it either,

    no legal king moves available for black.

    no way to block, of course.

    am i missing something?

  • 6 years ago


    MJo, I think the next possible moves of korchnoi are d4, e3, and Qf4 mate.

  • 6 years ago


    God bless Korchnoi with many more years of play. He said: "If a player believes in miracles he can sometimes perform them."

  • 6 years ago


    Great to see Korchnoi competing with the young folks.  Spassky and Karpov probably couldn't do that.

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