Players of Both Groups Tata Steel 2014 Confirmed

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All names of the 2014 Tata Steel tournament's two top groups are known. Hari Krishna Pentala was the 12th player added to the list of the top group ("Masters"), while Radek Wojtaszek, Yu Yangyi and Baadur Jobava top the "Challengers" group in which Jan Timman will also play.

Radek Wojtaszek, Baadur Jobava and World Junior Champion U20 Yu Yangyi are the favorites to win the "Challengers Group". The top player in this group will qualify for the "Masters Group" of 2015. Wojtaszek will surely come to Wijk aan Zee well prepared, having worked as one of Vishy Anand's seconds for years. Jobava is known for his creative (opening) play while Yu Yangyi has a very aggressive style.

Again the organizers have opted for a mixed group with young, experienced, male and female players. The two women playing this year are Anna Muzychuk of Slovenia and Zhao Xue of China, who won the women's section of the "Basque System" tournament in Beijing a few days ago. Both Zhao Xue and Yu Yangyi will play in Wijk aan Zee for the first time.

The youngest players are Jan Krzysztof Duda of Poland and Kayden Troff of USA. Both were born in 1998 and can boast of some early successes: Duda became a GM recently and is already rated 2557 while Troff is the reigning World Youth Champion U14.

It's nice to see Dutch chess legend Jan Timman playing again in Wijk aan Zee - for the third time in a row. As the oldest participant (62) he is the highest rated Dutch participant, just ahead of Dutch Champion Dimitri Reinderman. 18-year-old IM Benjamin Bok is hoping to score his third GM norm while IMs Merijn van Delft and Etienne Goudriaan qualified from last year's nine-round event.

Tata Steel 2014 | Challengers

# Title Name Fed Rating
1 GM Wojtaszek, Radek POL 2711
2 GM Jobava, Baadur GEO 2705
3 GM Yu, Yangyi CHN 2667
4 GM Saric, Ivan CRO 2632
5 GM Brunello, Sabino ITA 2603
6 GM Timman, Jan NED 2600
7 GM Reinderman, Dimitri NED 2588
8 GM Zhao, Xue CHN 2568
9 GM Muzychuk, Anna SLO 2566
10 GM Duda, Jan-Krzysztof POL 2557
11 IM Bok, Benjamin NED 2540
12 IM Troff, Kayden USA 2457
13 IM Goudriaan, Etienne NED 2429
14 IM Van Delft, Merijn NED 2425

11 of the 12 names of the top group had been announced earlier and the last name is now also known: Hari Krishna Pentala of India. Here's the full list:

Tata Steel 2014 | Masters

# Title Name Fed (Live) rating
1 GM Aronian, Levon ARM 2813
2 GM Nakamura, Hikaru USA 2789
3 GM Caruana, Fabiano ITA 2782
4 GM Gelfand, Boris ISR 2777
5 GM Karjakin, Sergey RUS 2759
6 GM Dominguez, Leinier CUB 2754
7 GM Giri, Anish NED 2734
8 GM So, Wesley PHI 2719
9 GM Naiditsch, Arkadij GER 2718
10 GM Hari Krishna, Pentala IND 2708
11 GM Rapport, Richard HUN 2687
12 GM Van Wely, Loek NED 2678

It's clear that, hit by the financial crisis, Tata Steel was forced to decrease its budget for the annual chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee. The 76th edition will have two GM groups instead of three, and the top one has 12 players instead of 14.

An interesting change is that two rounds will be played elsewhere: round 4 will be held at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam while the 9th round will be at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

This year the tournament will have live streaming commentary for the first time:

Saturday 11 January - Yasser Seirawan
Sunday 12 January - Yasser Seirawan
Monday 13 January - Erwin l’Ami
Wednesday 15 January (Amsterdam) - Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam
Friday 17 January - Lawrence Trent
Saturday 18 January - Lawrence Trent
Sunday 19 January - Lawrence Trent
Tuesday 21 January - Erwin l’Ami
Thursday 23 January (Eindhoven) - Erwin l’Ami
Saturday 25 January - Ian Rogers
Sunday 26 January - Tex de Wit

The 76th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament will take place from 10 to 26 January 2014. The tournament website is

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  • 3 years ago


    Its a pitty that their are not many woman in this tournement.

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  • 3 years ago


    Carlsen is tired of winning  this tournament.Cool

  • 3 years ago


    laskakid that should be a very very crazy tournament!

  • 3 years ago


    I root Aronian. I am biased. I like it! Laughing

  • 3 years ago


    Wow, Kayden Troff got an invite!  This will be a terrific experience for him. Cool

  • 3 years ago


    I'm pulling for either Caruana or Nakamura..... to win this tournment... best of luck to everybody

  • 3 years ago


    Carlsen is scheduled to play in the Zurich Chess Classic in late January (with Aronian, Kramnik, Anand, Caruana, and Gelfand). Very strong tournament, but it will only be a single round robin of classical time control games (so only 5 rounds), followed by a single round robin of rapid games.

  • 3 years ago


    Zinsch I can't remember which, but I remember him saying in February.

  • 3 years ago


    Where is Ivanchuk?!

  • 3 years ago


    No British players, therfore have no interest

  • 3 years ago


    My man Kayden taking over the B group. Yeah boiiiiiiiii.

  • 3 years ago


    Good luck, Kayden!

  • 3 years ago


    Aronian Gelfand Caruana or Nakamura will take the masters i think, but Nakamura has horrible score against both Gelfand and Aronain, so he might not make it.

  • 3 years ago


    Can't wait. Let the games begin!!!

  • 3 years ago


    I hope Wesley So will win this Tournament :D

  • 3 years ago


    When will Carlsen play his next rated tournament game?

  • 3 years ago


    I wonder if Naka will win this tournament again. 

  • 3 years ago


    he declined because he wanted to rest after the World Championship just like Anand

  • 3 years ago


    I don't see Carlsen... Still in vacation after his world championship match maybe?

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