Print & play set for Economy Chess OTB

  • ElKitch
  • on 10/30/12, 9:33 AM.

Greetings friend of the Economy Chess group!

From the downloads you can download a set of documents that enables you to play Economy Chess anywhere on the board. Print them out, grab a pen + board 'n pieces and you are ready for a game!

The .zip file contains:

standard rules (.doc -4 pages-) with image examples and optional rules
a scoresheet (.doc -1 page- or .pgn) to keep track of the economy. The sheet has most important rules listed in a brief summary
red and blue tokens (.pgn) that can be printed and cut out

Also required:

1 chessboard
2 sets of pieces
optional: a printed version of the rules 
optional: use personal (heavyweight) tokens that dont get pushed around when moving pieces

please note: the .zip file is reuploaded with a better version of the rulebook. It didn't show the example images, but now it does.

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