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  • on 9/19/12, 11:45 AM.

As of 9/18/12, the Queen City C.C. is now offering Free Annual Membership ...  It has decided to no longer be a 'dues-driven' club, at the behest of its leadership, with this new format now firmly in place.  The weekly entry fee for club play/rated events has also just been reduced to $2.00...


The 7:00 p.m. scholastic section has been temporarily discontinued, but will return upon continued/new demand ASAP.  The club continues to meet every Tuesday evening in the Kings Tower Building, at the Asian Library located @ 1339 Baxter Street.


For those interested in USCF-tourney play, the final round of the current series of 'Better Bishop Bureau' has recently concluded.  Beginning on 9/25/12, a new rated series of competition -- 'Pawn Shop I' -- will begin with 3 rated sections:  1) OPEN  2) U-1700  3) U-1250  ...


Any further questions/information can be provided by Gary Newsom (gary.newsom@queencitychess.com) & Peter Giannatos (peter.giannatos@queencitychess.com) .....

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    Hi Chuck ... I live in the Piedmont Triad, so I'm not a regular in Charlotte because of the distance.  I do, however, pop in from time to time.  We have a lot of active Charlotte players in this group who can assist you at the Asian Library with becoming a USCF member, if you're interested.

    I've been active with the USCF for the past 11 years because I enjoy OTB tournies.  Great competition for anyone who has an interest in becoming a stronger player.  An active USCF membership allows a player to compete in any federation tourney in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, etc., and also represents the member in the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

  • 4 years ago


    JC - I work in downtown/ uptown  Charlotte (they can't make up their minds)!  - I am in the DEC (Duke Energy Tower) - This Chess Club is very close to me - what do you do @ the club? I have no USCF rating and have never played OTB - Chuck   

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