Team 54

  • SamsonElijah
  • on 12/17/10, 11:12 PM.

Attention Cossack Warriors

Team 54 have laid down the gauntlet so please register for this important match.


Team 54 is one of the strongest chess teams on so lets rally behind the flag!

We have a new member from the US of A. Welcome to woliveres. This imperialist Yankee is going to be one of our shining stars so please add him as a friend and use a Viking battle axe to provide him coaching. 




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  • 6 years ago


    Glorious Comrades,

    I join this team simply with the desire to spread fastfood, democracy, and televangelists throughout the world... also to be laid by tall and hairy women. I look for to losing to all of you repeatedly in hopes of getting somewhat better.

    A gdie zhe tiolki?


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