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  • NM SHoshall
  • on 2/25/11, 11:19 PM.

what amazes me is not that he drew carlsen but that Carlsen was familiar with the game he played with Kasparov.  Yeah I know Kasparov is his coach but still, if you were carslen would you have even looked at or bother to recall a 2 on 2 game.  geesh



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  • 6 years ago

    NM SHoshall

    I actually looked at the game because the diagramed position looked so bad for black, i didnt understand how he could get a draw.  Well Carlsen was killing him the whole game. He was losing very badly actually not that far out of the opening.  Carlsen just made a horrific blunder toward the end allowing a draw.  Silly to write an article on this really.  The author of the story should have commented on that really the title of the article should have been: Player barely 2200 who has not played since 2001 gets lucky draw against Carlsen when he makes stupid move at end of game.  


    Body of the article should read.  Carlsen made a stupid move at the end of a simul yesterday when he simply wanted to get back to his hotel room and finish a silly simul he had to do for his sponsors.

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