Unknown Bobby Fischer Photo

  • GM GMTadic
  • on 10/16/12, 6:20 AM.

We were just digging through tons of archives, here in Chess Informant, and something interesting came out.

It is one unknown Bobby Fischer's photo, that was taken, according to notes at the back of the photo, in 1968. The place is Vinkovci, then Yugoslavia, now Croatia. The other evidence detail about the place is registration plate on the car VK=Vinkovci, back then. I have no idea who could be the man on the right side, walking together with Bobby. Any suggestions?

What was important to me as member of Chess Informant crew is that Bobby is holding bunch of Chess Informant books. Yep, the series started few years before, in 1966!

Finally, the legend lives on, if we are talking about Chess Informant, see www.chessinformant.rs. Robert Fischer, the greatest, is no longer with us. We will never forget him!

Here is the photo:

fisher informator.jpg

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  • 4 years ago


    Imam tecu koji je u to doba igrao sah u Borovu, ako prepozna coveka sa slike javicu vam. Palo mi je na pamet da potrazite kontakt u sahovskom klubu u Vinkovcima. Citajuci govor tela sa slike,mogu reci da je taj covek bio verovatno njegov domacin ili neko ko ga je docekao,nema znakova da su tada bili bliski prijatelji.

  • 4 years ago


    I'm just curious who is behind him? Or what is behind him. Shadow is skinny, and "shoes" are a bit unusual. 

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