2012 County Championship Proposals


2011/2012 County Championship

So we are seven months into County Championship this year and the League table are starting to show some interesting reading. Group C Open has only one match to be decided and has Hampshire as Champions with a record of 5 wins out of 5.

There have been 141 matches Organized of which 54 have finished and another 33 have been decided, of those 54 finished matches 11 have been Draws which shows how close many of these matches have been. And there are many matches which have not been decided and are going to be tight matches as well.

This has been quite something to organized this year but you have had to put up with me chasing you to get some games to start and letting me have links to all the games but I hope its all be worth while. Hopefully I have kept up with all the games and updated the table’s regularity enough. There are two rounds to go in group B but I think now is the time to see which way is forward for this Championship.

So I would to like to make these proposals for next year Championship.

1. That next year there will be no more that eight teams in a league.

2. If needed there will a fourth league for new teams?

3. Matches that have not finished after 150 days the result should stand as it is after 150 days.

4. That the Under 1800 league is scrapped and change into a cup competition with mini league to start the cup competition(much like the Europa League Cup in Football)

5. That all teams have active Super Admins and Admins.

I would like to know what ideas you have for next year and if all Super Admins or Admins can copy and paste this on there county teams site to get more reaction to this that would be great.

On a personal note I would like to still run this with help if that’s ok with everyone and maybe made Super admin of the County Championship Council Site, and I would like to invite new teams like Cornwall, Oxfordshire, Northumberland, Warwickshire, Isle of Wight and maybe the Channels Islands to name a few. Or if need be make new teams if the existing teams seem to be dormant.

Looking forward to hear any suggestions on how we should move forward with this great tournament.


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