5 winners in Groningen

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We also return once more to the open tournament in Groningen, that finished last Sunday with five players on shared first place: Halkias, Adly, Mastrovasilis, Ernst and Lobhanidze. After two quick draws between Mastrovasilis and Banikas and between Ernst and Adly, Halkias joined the winners by beating Li (his third full point in a row) and Lobhanidze did the same by defeating Rotstein. Mastrovasilis had the best tiebreak.

Here the two important last-round victories on boards 3 and 4.

adly Ahmed Adly

ernst Sipke Ernst

halkias Stelios Halkias

lobhanidze Davit Lobhanidze

mastrovasilis Dimitrios Matrovasilis

Photos: Harry Gielen
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