Another Month, Another Giveaway!

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On Wednesday, November 30, there will be another giveaway on Josh's Twitch channel ( at around 4PM Eastern time!

This time the prizes are:

- 3x 1 month membership 💎

- 3x 1 gifted Twitch subscription 🎁

- 1x free chess lesson (only for u1000 rating) 🧑‍🏫

You may be wondering -

"How do I enter?!"

Send Josh a message, or be on time in Josh's stream to let him know you want to participate.

"Can I give the prize to a friend?"

You can only donate your prize to another person in the raffle.

Good luck!

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Giveaway in 10 minutes!

Giveaway in 10 minutes!

We're back! Get your free stuff!

We're back! Get your free stuff!