ATTENTION!! New directors are needed to manage the 2021 competitions

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Dear chess friends in the Asian League

After ten years in the management, Robert8867 and myself (Fantasto) have decided it's time to step aside and hand over the active running of the Asian League to new peolpe. Hence the heading for this announcement!

Although the tasks may seem a little involved, we can confidently say that the Rules and procedures are well established and clear-cut and have hardly needed to change over the past several years.

We feel the best solution for 2021 may be for one person to arrange and manage the standard competition, a second person to arrange and manage the chess960 competition, and a third person to manage the results/ standings tables. (The vote chess function is  being capably handled by another current Director.)

Both Robert8867 and I will still continue as directors and it goes without saying that we will be there to assist the new directors and help solve any issues that may arise.

Everyone interested is very welcome to come forward, so long as they have a reasonable understanding of how the site works and have served as admin for a member team for long enough also to be familiar with  the Asian League itself. A working knowledge of English also is needed as all announcements and communications are conducted in this language.

Please register your interest below in this news item, and also feel free to contact either of us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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