Blogging Competition #1 Results!

Blogging Competition #1 Results!


Hello everyone! The results are finally in for our first blogging competition!


1. Everyone has some fun and gets publicity for their blog!

2. The winner (1st place, most votes) will get 5 awards

3. 2nd and 3rd place bloggers will receive 3 awards each.

4. 4th and 5th place bloggers will receive 1 award each.

For more details:

Now, time for the results! In the end 29 people casted their votes for this competition!

1. @DonRajesh: 190 votes

2. @SPickwick: 179 votes

3. @Verne9: 178 votes

4. @danielturtlepro: 170 votes

5. @LegoChessMastery: 164 votes

6. @ravigagne: 160 votes

7. @TheChessimist: 147 votes

8. @WhizzBoss: 104 votes

Congratulations to our winners! Awards will be sent out shortly.

Thanks to everyone who participated! All of the blogs were great to read, and hopefully we can view more and more awesome blogs in the future! happy.png

There will be another blogging competition soon too tongue.png

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