Chess 013: Opening Proficiency for 1200 - 1500 ELO Players Detailed Announcement

Sep 10, 2013, 2:51 AM |

Students of University,

After the completion of Chess 012: Strategy and Tactics for 1200 - 1500 ELO Players, University's best-selling course till date, I announced Chess 013: Opening Proficiency for 1200 - 1500 ELO Players.

The purpose of this new post is to provide more details regarding this class.

Note that this course follows the "class format" meaning it will be like an online college class.

Instructor: Kairav Joshi

Opening Proficiency for 1200 - 1500 ELO Players Class Overview:

This is a thorough class covering everything players between 1200 and 1500 ELO must know about the opening. Key topics include: opening principles, development, initiative, open positions, semi-open positions, closed positions, isolated queen pawns, opening tactics, and basic opening strategy and planning.

The goal will be to become proficient at applying opening principles in order to reach acceptable middlegame positions, even in openings you may have never seen before. Additionally, we will overview various openings to learn more about the key plans.

The purpose of this class will be to master the basics of the openings and be able to apply them in various situations.

Yes, I will teach some openings too. Our coverage of White will mostly be based on 1.e4 but there will also be a brief overview of other options such as 1.d4 and 1.c4. As Black, we will learn one system against 1.e4 and one system against 1.d4.

Like my previous class, this class is designed to train students, not just teach content. I want you to improve your thinking abilities as well. The purpose of this class format is to help students "learn-by-doing." Students will be able to improve their chess skills and abilities by doing the class assignments and then receiving feedback from me. Students will learn exactly how to apply their knowledge to their games and ultimately play better chess.

This class will be beneficial for those even outside the 1200 - 1500 ELO rating range. A more appropriate range would be 1100 - 1600 ELO. Also note that correspondence chess ratings tend to be highly inflated. Message me if you are interested, but believe this class may be too basic or too advanced for you. I will give you my honest opinion.


What is included in Chess 013: Opening Proficiency for 1200 - 1500 Players?

- Pretest

- 20-Minute Live Orientation and Introduction

- Four 1-Hour Live Chess Lessons

- A 10-Minute One-On-One Lesson Through Skype

- Three Written Lectures

- Four Class Assignments with Feedback

- Organized Study Plan Using Resources

- Posttest

- 1 Month Diamond Membership

Note: I will upload the pretest and syllabus by evening on September 11th.


Class Textbook

The class textbook is Discovering Chess Openings by John Emms. The book is not included in the tuition. This book is NOT required for the class; it is optional. I recommend getting this book if you are rated below 1500 ELO.

You may purchase the book from my Amazon bookstore if you do not find it cheaper elsewhere. Ebay has some copies for a great price right now.


Schedule and Format:

Class will start on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 12:30 PM PDT (Pacific Time, USA) with a live orientation session. All students will receive a video recording of the session so attending live is not required. The first live lecture will be taught on Saturday, September 21st, 2013 around noon PDT but the time will not be finalized until after a few days.

The class will be spread out over 6 weeks.

Most live lessons will be taught on Saturdays at varying times to satisfy various time zones. I want every student to be able to attend at least half of the sessions live. All live lectures will be video recorded so even if you cannot attend, you will be able to watch the recording and email me any questions.

Unlike in University seminars, only about 10% to 15% of the class instruction will be live for this chess class. This way students from any time zone with any kind of schedule may take this class! This course is extremely flexible and learner-friendly. Students may even join the class late and still have access to all of the material covered!

Chess classes allow students to simply relax and stop thinking about what they should do to improve at the game. We do all of the organizational work for you!

For those of you who truly want to improve at chess but get lazy after a while, classes would be the perfect solution as if you get lazy after paying for a class, you would just waste money and that would wake you up and force you to study! :-)



Tuition is $103/person for non-diamond members.

Tuition is $89/person for diamond members but this means you do not get the 1-month diamond membership.



In order to purchase Chess 013: Opening Proficiency for 1200 - 1500 Players, go to the following website:

Scroll down and click on the 2nd PayPal button. It will ask you for $89.00.

If you are not a diamond member, you may either purchase a 1-month membership directly from on the first day of class or you can send me $14 and I can apply it towards your account.

Please note that while the Chess 013 class is 6-weeks long, the 1-month membership will only last 4 weeks. This is okay because we will only need the diamond membership features during the first 4 weeks of class.

Please register by midnight on Thursday, September 12th if you are interested in taking this course. Also remember that the class is limited to the first 40 students so make sure you register before all the spots are taken!


You qualify for a $5.00 discount if you have taken any of my opening seminars in the past.

Because University needs more students, I have implimented a referral program. I would like to ask you to recommend University seminars and classes to friends, relatives, and heck, even strangers! For each NEW student you bring in to Chess 013, you will get a $20.00 discount. A new student is defined as someone who has never taken any seminars or classes offered by University.

All you have to do to receive this discount is ask the person you referred to message me and mention your username. Discounts will be processed as partial refunds after the person you referred purchases Chess 013. So whether or not you plan on referring students to this class, please register for the class as soon as possible if you plan on taking it! Again, remember, you can only receive the discount if the person you recommend Chess 013 to ends up registering.


Course Delivery:

This course will be delivered entirely online using, Livestream, and email. There will be a class group on which I will use to post announcements or start discussions. Students may interact with each other through the groups as well.

Remember, all live broadcasts will be recorded and available for download by all the students!


If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.

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