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| 4 | Chess Event Coverage is hosting and co-sponsoring the USA vs. Hungary Youth Rapid Match, part of the Polgar Chess Festival. The festival, which is held for the seventh time, takes place Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest, Hungary.

For the seventh time already the three Polgar sisters, Judit, Susan and Sofia Polgar, are organizing the Polgar Chess Festival, a day full of unique and exciting events connected to chess. There are many activities for children, such as simuls, tournaments, conferences, analysis sessions, tutoring and much more. Among the special events taking place this year is a guest lecture/speech by non other than the legendary World Champion, Garry Kasparov.

One of the other main attractions of the festival will be the building of the several feet high 3D Chess Palace, where the story of the "friendly chess characters" will unfold. As part of the events, there will be various arts and crafts and educational activities, the children will be able to earn colorful chess-cash bills, which can be replaced by a variety of gifts in the Chess Palace Shop from the opening of the festival until 4:30 in the afternoon.

USA vs Hungary - Youth Rapid Match

For the first time ever, an important part of the Polgar Chess Festival will be the USA versus Hungary Youth Rapid Match - set to take place right here on Both teams will consist of four players (one outstanding youth player within his / her respective age group).

Two games will be played — one with each color. The rate of play is 10 minutes for the whole game, and 5 seconds increment for each move. Between the games there will be a 5-minute break.

The United States team will be represented by a group of hand selected kids from all over the country. Though the four players chosen are all "East of the Mississippi" due to the early starting time of the Rapid Match (11am Eastern), is proud to have found a group of four wonderfully bright, all very talented young chess players for this match.

Among those selected for Team USA is the young Carissa Yip. Carissa recently won the U10 National Invitational Championship, and quickly became the youngest Expert Level chess player, for females in the country later that month.

A recent picture of Carissa playing a fun game in a local park

Jason Zhou started learning chess in the Fall of 2008, and won Missouri state chess champion or co-champions in the past 4 years at his grade level, and won 4th place in blitz in 2013  Super National Elementary (K-6) Championships Competition; also won 1st place in Art and Math Missouri State Competition and 1st place in 6th grade Missouri Math League Competition. He is currently starting as a 7th grader at John Burroughs school in St. Louis, MO.

Jason Zhou - Under 12

The full roster of each team:

Team USA:

U14 Angel Hernandez-Camen, rated 2147 USCF - Philadelphia
U12 Jason Zhou, rated 1900 USCF - St Louis
U10 Carissa Yip is rated around 1975 USCF - Boston
U8 Hemachandra Rambha, rated 1333 USCF - Nashville

Team Hungary:

U14 Marosi Levente, rated 2037 FIDE
U12 Karácsony Gellért, rated 1737 FIDE
U10 Krustulovic Alex, rated 1970 FIDE
U8 Karácsony Kata, rated 1281 FIDE

Pictured here is two of the young stars (brother and sister combo) for the Hungarian Team:

Karácsony Gellért - Under 12
Karácsony Kata- Under 8

The USA versus Hungary match will be hosted and co-sponsored by, the #1 chess website for kids. Susan Polgar will join the live coverage by IM Daniel Rensch and FM Mike Klein on and will surely provide lots of background information, stories and anecdotes!

Earlier this year started an exciting partnership with Judit Polgar, the youngest of the three sisters and the  #1 female chess player of all time. These days Judit is dedicating a lot of her time to chess education for children. Last year she released a new chess app just for kids, and she wrote a book describing her early chess career, which was reviewed by IM Daniel Rensch here. For, Judit did a number of videos as well!

You can find the website of the Polgar Chess Festival here. Judit Polgar's website can be found here, while she is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't miss the USA vs Hungary match on Sunday, September 29th, live on at 11 a.m. EST - 8 a.m. PAC - 5PM local time in Budapest. IM Daniel Rensch will be joined by FM Mike Klein and GM Susan Polgar!

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