ChessVibes launches tournament calendar

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A completely new functionality has been added to this site today: a tournament calendar. From now on, here at ChessVibes you can check the international tournament schedule and plan your own tournaments.

The calendar contains mainly open tournaments, where you, the ChessVibes audience, could participate. At the moment you'll find mostly events with a classical time control; perhaps we will add rapid and/or blitz events as well, although this might damage the list's clarity.

You will also see the big invitations (round-robins) and super tournaments. This way it's easy to check when the big guys are active in top events like Morelia/Linares and Sofia, or e.g. when the Grand Prix Series or the Olympiad will be. In the month, week and day views you can easily find current events; in the event view you'll find all upcoming events in a long list. (By the way, the size of this list can be increased to 50 items.)

The tournament calendar isn't finished yet. We will continue to work on both content and technique. But we decided to publish it already, because we might be able to make some changes based on your feedback.

The most important tournaments of the coming months have been added, but of course this content will be changing continually. An important option to mention: as a tournament organizer, you can add tournaments yourself. For this, click on the 'Month' view, go to the date when your event starts, and click on the little 'plus' sign.

Of course it's also possible to send events through email. For this, we've set up the logical address

With this calendar we hope to provide a service chess fans might be missing now that isn't kept up to date anymore. Pioneer GM Harmen Jonkman's website has existed for about ten years now and is quite famous in the chess world. We've had similar ideas about offering a service of upcoming events through a calendar on ChessVibes, but it was never really necessary because of Harmen's hard work.

We have contacted Harmen, and it turned out that during the last few months he simply hasn't found the time to work on his calendar. So as from today, you can find a similar service here at ChessVibes. As soon as Harmen has some more time, there might be ways to cooperate with him - we'll keep you posted. Till then: enjoy the ChessVibes Calendar.
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