DCW Official inviting program


Hi guys I have organized a chess event for inviting so let me tell you how it works

How it works?

So it's basically like you invite members and you gain ranks  chess ranks which is going to be explained later.


So everyone will start as a pawn and every member you invite you gain 1 point

so after collecting a amount of points it can help you get to the next rank. And this step continues until you become the rank of the King.

So what will you get after you claim the Rank of the King?

  • You'll get SA
  • 20 trophies
  • Your own customized logo 
  • Free chess puzzles with answers 

Salary you get for inviting 1 member

So for every member you invite it also comes with salary 

What are the salaries

  • 1 point
  • 2 trophies

Yep so you can earn a point and get trophies fast!


So now you'll also have to know how to get to the other rank well let me tell explain.

  • Pawn (Starting rank) Points to get to this rank - 0
  • Knight (Intermediate rank) Points to get to this rank - 5
  • Bishop ( Advance rank) Points to get to this rank - 10
  • Rook (Elite rank) Points to get to this rank-15
  • Queen (GM rank) Points to get to this rank- 20
  • King (Final rank) Points to get to this rank- 30

So these are all the ranks 

So basically you'll need to invite a total of 30 members into this club to get to the King rank.

Anymore questions about this? If Yes feel free to ask me @KingLJL10

Note: This program starts on the 21st of January.

Any updates will be told before 21st of January.