Do we want to enter the *U1200* league?

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Hello all,

It's the same question again, but slightly different:
Registration is now open for the UK County Championship U1200 league. Do we (or those of us rated under 1200) want to enter?

The idea of the league is to ensure that those players get more games, since they are often pushed off the bottom of team matches by higher-rated players. We currently have 7 members rated under 1200, plus a few unrated. Obviously it is those members who are most likely to miss out in regular league games.

The U1200 league would be the same sort of format: one match a month, involving two daily three-day games for each player.

The league is a new innovation. For the first season, there will be a three-board minimum for matches. I think I would like five or six firm statements of interest from U1200 players before committing us to it.

To bear in mind: if we enter this in addition to the regular and U1600 leagues, an U1200 player who signed up for all matches could end up with six league games per month -- though I think in practice this is unlikely to happen often.

Thoughts and discussion welcome.

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