Eastern Idaho Open

Eastern Idaho Open

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The Eastern Idaho Open Chess Tournament will be held Saturday, September 26 starting promptly at 10:00am Mountain Daylight Time.  It will be a US Chess rated 4SS G/30+0 event and will run until approximately 2:30. All the important links you need to know are posted below.  Message TofuNightmare if you have any questions.

  • Players must have a US Chess membership in good standing as of tournament day
  • Players must be members of ICA's Rated club
  • Traditional ICA membership is not required
  • Players must be visible at all times on Zoom during their games

ICA's Rated Club  or

Eastern Idaho Open Registration Form  or

ICA Zoom Meeting  or  ID=894 7657 3478  Password= 8dur75  or

Eastern Idaho Chess Tournament on  or

Updated Member/Player List  or

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ZOOM Link for The Idaho Open

ZOOM Link for The Idaho Open

Possible Hawaii-Idaho Battle?

Possible Hawaii-Idaho Battle?