Hello, everyone! 

Quick question: What browser are you using now? 

Google... Microsoft Edge... Firefox...

Why am I asking you this question? Good question. Because I've found a free search engine that uses it's profits to help plant trees. It's called Ecosia.

Where do the profits come from? Let's say you search up '' An ad that uses will pop up like 'millions of people use' That ad gives money to Ecosia. Ecosia uses part of the money to plant a tree.

What do trees do for the environment? If you don't know, then you can go to my previous blog news post at: (I wrote it when there were 70 members in the club, so the number isn't updated to our current 91 (yay!) members).

What are the other advantages of Ecosia? Not only does it plant trees, but it's very secure in safe. No one out there to steal your information! Also, it looks very nice. If you open an Ecosia tab, you'll see this:

The number of trees planted changes a lot, so you can keep track of how many trees. The tree icon at the top of the page is how many trees you've helped plant, so you can see your direct contributions. Also, it shows it's monthly financial reports and what they do with their money. Here's April's financial report:

How do I download Ecosia? Go to: to change Ecosia to you web browser. Click on 'add Ecosia to chrome.' It will bring you to the web store - but don't worry, you aren't buying anything, you're just installing something for your browser. Once you get Ecosia, feel good for yourself! You're helping the environment by planting trees.

Now, go get Ecosia!

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