Fair Play and Zoom

Fair Play and Zoom

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Dear Finalists of A Group,

today your final tournament starts at 17.00 CET here:

Finals Group A  Sunday 17.05 17.00 CET -  Join from 1600 CET
Rounds 8 - Time 10min + 2 sec
Zoom link for  U16 players :
Zoom link for Adult players
Zoom meetings will be open from 1600 CET as the tournament. Go early and add your name in your window we will instruct u on this. Each 50 players will have an arbiter in charge. Every round has 3 min break. While not playing you can visit the rest room. For young participants if they need their parent help in technical issues they can get it. We need only one camera (pc camera) looking on you.Dont be stressed on this if any tech issue. Concetrate in your games and play fair.

To have better connection or connect if discoed read the Faq

Arbiters can not help with connectivity matters as it stated in regulations.

Dont refresh your page, dont open second windows, don't use same account in other device, dont log out during the tournament.

During the event if you need to ask the Arbiter something use the Zoom chat.

We wish you good luck.

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Group A starts at 1700 CET today! Join from 16.00

Group A starts at 1700 CET today! Join from 16.00