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GM Georg Meier Leads Stockholm Snowballs

GM Georg Meier Leads Stockholm Snowballs

Jan 3, 2017, 6:27 AM 0

The Stockholm Snowballs are one of the top-heaviest teams in the league, with three grandmasters and two 2200s, they seem committed to their lineup structure, and one expects that they will lead with three grandmasters every week. They may be the only team to do so.

Will that be a strategy for success? Often in team tournaments, the most front-loaded teams struggle to score the high number of points needed from their top three boards.

On board one, the Snowballs are leading with GM Georg Meier. Meier, a long-time German representative, actually possesses dual citizenship, but as revealed in Chess.com's Race To 100K! YouTube stream, his second nationality is not Swedish, it's Uruguayan (long story). Meier has been living in Sweden for some time though, and it will be nice to see him fronting the Swedes.

In addition to being the highest rated member of the Snowballs, Meier is the most decorated. He cites being 2011 European Team Champion and second in Dortmund in 2014 as his two top accomplishments. We would also cite his six Titled Tuesday victories

Here is one of his finest victories, against Kramnik in Dortmund 2014.

By rating, GM Evgenij Agrest follows Meier. Agrest is a veteran grandmaster with four Swedish championships (1998, 2001, 2002, and 2004) on his resume. Agrest is famous for having been the benefactor of the first major cell phone forfeit when reigning FIDE champion was forfeited against Agrest when his cell phone rang. A year later, Agrest was himself forfeited for the the same reason. Fortunately, cell phones should play no part in the PRO Chess League

GM Erik Blomqvist is the reigning Swedish champion, an up-and-coming Scandinavian player, and the third esteemed grandmaster on the squad.

The team is bolstered by the similarly rated Anders Grandell (2264) and Inna Agrest (2222 and Evgenij's daughter). Strong performances from these two would make the Snowballs a truly fearsome squad indeed!

The PRO Chess League welcomes the Stockholm Snowballs!

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