Job Posting List For the Puzzle Battle Tournament!!!

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Private message me if you are willing to do the jobs I have posted below. (All these jobs are only available for people in "Road to GM Senate")

First come, first serve, so pick your job quick Senate members!


1. Puzzle Battle tournament Conductor- @AKACWthepro12

2. Puzzle Battle tournament results recorder- After results are posted by participant(s), you will mark the correct results on the graph that will be provided, with possibly no mistakes/errors. (@Prince_USA)

3. Puzzle Battle Tournament pairings maker- @AKACWthepro12

4. Reminding Participants For Their Matches- Often, starting from when the pairings are posted, you must remind the participants that have not played their games yet, to negotiate a playing time with their opponent as soon as possible. The quicker they get it done, the quicker we can move onto the next round, so you better let them know! (Open to anyone)

5. Reminding Participants that Pairings Are Posted- After the pairings are posted, you will let every participant know in messages that the pairings can be viewed, and you must send each participant the link to the pairings. In the message to each participant, you will tell them who they are playing. (@Superstargod)

6. Results checker- The Results checker will be me, but it is safer to have 2 people so we can make sure the results are correct. After results for matches are posted, you will go to the recording sheet/place and make sure if the results are correct. If they are incorrect, let the results recorder know, so they can change it. If the results aren't recorded yet, send a gentle reminder to the results recorder, so they can insert it ASAP. (Available to Senate Members Only)

 Note: Results Checker may not change the results.


If there is a job you would like me to add/have an idea about, just message me and we will talk about it. 

If there is a job here you would like, message me about it, and I will confirm it with you. (first come, first serve) (Also, these jobs are only available to members in the Senate club, so everything can run efficiently, and professionally) 

Remember, job postings will be posted BEFORE EACH EVENT, and will be only for the specified event. 

Thank you, and hopefully Senate members choose a job to help with the event!

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