Last Matchweek. For 6th Place. vs Neuqua Valley.

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This will be our lineup to close off the season. I want to give a warm thanks to everyone who played this season. Although some wayward games did not go our way, I'm real excited to see what we all can build upon after a fulfilling season. I really hope you all enjoyed the experience at the end of it all, over all.

RCR on, RCRers! (And side note: who do you think will go on to win the whole thing?)


B1 @sengdaonumber2 (4-0-3)

B2 @jphillips (2-0-5)

B3 @SuperSamraat (2-1-3)

B4 @Ballernate22 (2-0-4)

B5 @TheGalaxyInvader (1-2-1)

B6 @Piquantpainter (1-0-2)

B7 @turtlelover684 (1-0-2)

B8 @batmanmuffinz (2-0-2)

 - Our key will be to focus on Neuqua's weaknesses, such as Board 4.

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vs. RAR Attackers

vs. RAR Attackers

Registered for Season 4!

Registered for Season 4!