Learn python turtle

Learn python turtle


We are going to learn python turtles today!

python turtles are basicly using python to draw something!

once you learn about python turtles, you can draw some really cool things.

python turtles can also draw many illusions.

download python

Here is a document you can read about python turtles:

python turtles document

Now lets learn python turtles!

learn python turtles

here is a video series for python turtles

note: this video series uses a different python. for the first 2 lines instead of typing what he types, type this:

>>> import turtle

>>> s = turtle.getscreen()

its okay for it to change color.  just make sure the result is not a error.

note: make sure you have read at least 2 chapters of the python turtle learning website, or following along with the video series will be quite difficult.

here is the video serie:

video serie

if you are finished learning python turtles, you can try out your creativity here.

note: you don't need an account.

python repl

Hope you find this useful!

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