Limewood Rematch Tomorrow
Fox and Grapes Inn

Limewood Rematch Tomorrow

Rematch vs Limewood has been sorted for wednesday tomorrow. Below is the list of selected players.
Limewood Chess Club is based at the Fox and Grapes Inn. They are located between Bradford and Leeds. This informal match has been arranged by Paul May and myself (Dylan). We are using the 'Live Match' option. This allows all the players who are selected and click 'Join', to be put in grade order and paired automatically.  So only click 'Join' if you have been asked to, otherwise sit back and enjoy the show! It will be entertaining to watch the games and scores tick over.
Apologies to the 6 people who have not been selected this time. I am also sharing the tournament link with anyone interested in watching. Players have been selected to the nearest grade, to match our opponents grade list. This match up is a lot closer than last time!

Our team list:
  1. Peter Ackley 1952 (CarnMorDeargArete)

  2. Sam Coates 1837 (Coatsi)
  3. Eddie Bromilow 1643 (Derbyknight)

  4. Barry Archer 1487 (CB400F)

  5. Ron Harrison 1453 (Derventio)

  6. Stephen Wootton 1432 (Pokeram)

  7. Les Fancourt 1350 (villagekiller)

  8. Shambavi Hariharan 1121 (Shamshank)

  9. Fred Biles 1012 (Deerfold25)

 ‘Live match’ vs Limewood CC, each pairing has 2 games with alternate colours.
Please note, it is possible that a player pairing will have finished both matches before another pairing has finished their first, as the second match starts as soon as the first is resolved.
Here is the link that you can use and join an hour before the tournament:
Wednesday 8pm  July 29th on, 25mins +10 secs each.
Last thing, here is the list of grades from Paul May that I have matched each player against:

1. 1925

2. 1750

3. 1662

4. 1562

5. 1251

6. 1250

7. 1237

8. 1198

9. 917

If you look up the Limewood Chess Club on you may be able to match the rapid grades with the players and see who you are playing! This may not be 100% accurate as grades do tend to change and are only accurate from last Sunday.
Good Luck!

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Rematch vs Limewood on Wednesday the 29th July 8pm

Rematch vs Limewood on Wednesday the 29th July 8pm

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