Match "Nairobi vs Crewe"

Match "Nairobi vs Crewe"


11 members of Nairobi Chess Com had the privilege to play an overseas match against the prestigious Crewe Chess Club (England).

Our players were selected among members who have usually played regularly on OTB tournaments in previous years.

The event took place on Sunday, Feb.21st, 6 pm -Kenya time-

All games were played online on using a time control of 25 min + 10 s increment.

Pairings were arranged according to FIDE and ECF (English Chess Federation) ratings.

The match consisted of 2 games/player.

The final score was 14-6 for Nairobi Chess Club.

For board 1 there is no score because Crewe's player was absent.

Line up for both teams with individual scores.

Artem Gurevich 2185 -- Harry Gardiner 1848
Peter Gilruth 2093 2-0 David Hulme 1803
Jean-B Domelevo 1806 0-2 Martin Frisher 1750
Roberto Villuela 1729 2-0 Lucasz Holcman 1705
Karan Christie 1639 2-0 Neville Layhe 1683
Mushfig Habilov 1628 1-1 David Price 1555
Willy Simons 1608 1-1 Kobus Nienaber 1435
Kim Bhari 1464 2-0 Andrew Crosby 1443
Veniamin Negru 1446 1-1 LeeTilton 1443
Pranjal Parikh 1433 1-1 Nigel Gardner 1383
Peter Schupp 1204 2-0 Russell Smithers 798

All Games:

Congratulations TEAM!!!

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