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Membership Statistics (2013-01-27)

Jan 27, 2013, 5:53 AM 1

Hi. Here comes some recent membership stats for Team Europe:

Number Share
Became member
This year (2013) 118 3,9%
2012 961 31,7%
2011 713 23,5%
2010 445 14,7%
2009 796 26,2%
SUM 3033 100,0%
>2000 344 11,3%
1800-1999 477 15,7%
1600-1799 787 25,9%
1400-1599 617 20,3%
Below 1399 or unrated 808 26,6%
SUM 3033 100,0%
Average: 1622
Last online during Since
Last week 1901 62,7% 2013-01-20
Last month 2127 70,1% 2012-12-27
Last 3 months 2345 77,3% 2012-10-27
Older 688 22,7%
SUM 3033


We've received more than 100 new members during January (so far).
We've increased from ~2,300 members up to ~3,000 members within a year. As we during that period received ~1,100 new members, it means that we at the same time also loosed  ~400 old members.

The average rating have decreased in many teams during last year, so also for Team Europe. One year ago we had 1669, and now we've 1622. Lot of new members have lower ratings, but keep active and hopefully improving. We've almost the same number of higher rated (>2000) players now as a year ago, but much more players with 1400-2000.

The share of active members have decreased. Now have ~70% been online during last month, compared to ~79% at the same time last year.

Figures from 2012-02-15:


We looking forward continue invite and welcome more members!

We want to improve share of active members during the Spring, while keep our position as one of the 10 largest teams on Chess.com.

So, I guess we're able for this by get ~100 new members and to replace 50 old inactive members every month.

It would mean that we'll try to invite and get 500 new active members during the Spring, while refresh the member base by removing 250 old inactive members (i.e. not been online for last 6 months or more). If we succé will we've ~3,300 members by the end of June, of which ~72-73% been active during the last month.

It would be nice if more players stayed as active members, and I'm of course open for ideas and thoughts about how to make that.

Next report will be published in June/July 2013.


Please welcome add your comments, opinions or suggestions about this!

BR  Johan P

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