Mid-season report

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Hello Northerners,
here is an update on how things are going in the main county championship league and some info about the U1600 and U1200 leagues.

The county championship
Six of our 9 fixtures are now completed or underway. We've won one and lost one; of the other four, three are looking pretty grim for us, and with one, it's too early to say.

That might all sound like I'm going to turn out to be the Bruce to Taylor's Benitez, but we might yet stay in the division. Last year, two wins were enough to keep us up (just!), and the Gloucestershire match that just started is one of our kinder fixtures -- I think our 11 boards are actually stronger than theirs. So it's all to play for in ongoing games and those to come.

Speaking of: the thing that kept us up last year was our win percentage (think goal difference). So, even if we have already comprehensively lost a match, it's worth plugging away at any ongoing games.

Here are the tables, scores, and results for the County Championship so far.

The U1600 and U1200 leagues
By popular demand, we have registered entries for the new seasons of the U1600 and U1200 county leagues. The U1600 league has been going a few years, so we will start in the bottom division. We will have six fixtures, one per month from April to October (with a bye in May). The minimum team size for each fixture is three boards; we should be able to register more than that every fixture, but there's no guarantee that our opponents will.

The U1200 league is new, so rather than divisions, there's four groups of six, with the winners progressing to a final round. We'll again have one fixture per month from April to August, with the final round due to begin in February 2022 (plenty of time to finish the groups off!). Again, it's a three-board minimum.

Please do look out for notifications about new fixtures. It seems like most of you have worked out how you want to be notified, but just in case: on the website, you can adjust your notification settings for the club by clicking on "settings" in the right hand menu. That should get you alerts on the website.

I don't use the app, so I'm not sure how things work there. If anyone is struggling, let me know, and I'll download it and work it out!

That's all for now. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc etc, and good luck with all your games.

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