MTel Masters Round 4

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Veselin Topalov finally won his first game at Mtel 2009 when he swept aside Wang Yue. Topalov created some very nice play on the queenside and won convincingly in 33 moves.

Dominguez against Ivanchuk was a very complicated game where it looked like Ivanchuk was going to score a first win, but the players ran into time trouble before an unlikely draw finally resulted.

Shirov also held Carlsen in an interesting Semi-Slav.

The standings after round 4:

Carlsen, Magnus   NOR     
Shirov, Alexei  ESP   
Topalov, Veselin  BUL  2
Dominguez Perez, Leinier  CUB  2
Wang Yue  CHN  2
Ivanchuk, Vassily  UKR  1


A sideline to the main Mtel competition is a traditional face pulling contest...(all pictures from the official site).

Yue opens the event strongly...

Shirov plays an excellent counter-gambit...


Ivanchuk and Domiguez work as a team in a pre-prepared move...


Carlsen disappoints and settles for a stare...


Topalov declines to take part as he doesn't want to look silly...

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