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Apr 30, 2013, 5:22 AM 585 Reads 0 Comments

Hey guys this is the news that will come every tuesday so lets get right to it.

Team Match


vs. Everyone : we are locked and ready to play.

vs. Team United States Chess : need higher rated players.


vs. Roozben : 25% complete winning

vs. Mengers : 0% complete tied

Vote Chess

vs. World Music : 8 players for us

vs. Team United States Chess : 7 players for us


Amazing Pawn Play #1:

Yep, its finnally here, it would really be nice if someone would tell me how to insert chess boards because i'm not really all that good with computers so anyway hereswhat you do for this:

Go on youtube and type in Famous Chess Game Kasparov vs. Topalow ( Kasparov's Immortal ) and go to the one made by thechesswebsite and eventually Kasparov will play c5 which is a great move the commeter will say why.


And that's a wrap until nextime peace!  

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