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May 7, 2013, 2:42 PM 0

Hey guys this is our 2nd news post which you will see every tuesday so lets get right to it.


I have made a tournament called the best of chess so if your interested contact me and you have to be 1800+ to enter.

Team Matches

In progress:

vs. Everyone: 66.7% tied

vs. Roozbeh: 25% winning

vs. Menges: 25% losing

vs. Team US Chess: 0% tied

Sorry, there are currently no open team matches.

Vote Chess

In progress:

vs. Team US Chess: 27 players

vs. World Music: 17 players

Amazing Pawn Plays #2

I finnally learned how to insert chess boards but firefox won't let me paste the image so instead I'll do it like this:


Pawn on a7

Pawn on e6

King on f6


Rook on d8

King on f8

Pawn on h3

Moves: e7+ Ke8 exd8=Q+ Kxd8 a8=Q+

moving to e7 is the APP, and it uses the power of thye skewer to take the rook as the king moves and the king will take the new queen but now that the rook is gone the pawn on the a file can safely promote and black shouls resign from here.

Well thats a wrap everyone and hope you enjoyed the weeks news!

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