Nordic Internet Club Cup!

Nordic Internet Club Cup!

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Dear Nordic friends!


First of all thanks for taking part. It´s so nice to see all these teams!


We are getting closer. We have now 67 teams but we are still missing players-list from three teams (Hrókar alls fagnaðar, ֢Øbros Smadrehold, Wasa SK).


Please send us excel-sheet ASAP! Otherwise these teams will not be paired!


The tournament is now in Chess-Results which will be used for pairings:



There you can find the players-list of 64 teams. Still missing the three mentioned above.


This is first time we are handling tournaments like that and there can be of course some technical issues. We will do our outmost to avoid them and our aim is to have the tournament as automatic as possible!


Parings will be done at 19:00 CET. And of course – we will only pair the teams which we have the list from.



Please notice that the rounds starts at:


  • 11:00 – Iceland
  • 12:00 – Faroe Islands
  • 13:00 – Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • 14:00 Finland




Please make sure that all the alert settings (right hand panel) are turned on for this club. We will provide all relevant information to Captains here (and with e-mail) and answer all questions you might have.


And now some technical matters!


Considering the number of teams that have registered to the Nordic Internet Club Cup (NICC) we have decided to use an automatic system for clubs (at to make the pairings for each round. We ask you all to read this carefully and complete each step as soon as possible.


We would like to remind those who have not made clubs for their teams to do so ASAP! And secondly to join the Captains club as described in step 2. These two things are very important so we are able to make pairings for your team!


1. Create a club on for your team (most of you have already done this). Make sure it’s a new club and its members are only the players that will play in the tournament. One way to do this is to create a club with a name like “[name of club] NICC [A or B?}


An example name would be “Taflfelag Reykjavikur NICC A” and “Taflfelag Reykjavikur NICC B” if a club has more than one team.


The name is not all important. What is important that it has the real clubs name in its name and only the members registered in the NICC in the club.


Please consult if you are not sure how to make a club. The post also has info on how to add members.


2. All teams must add the user to their team and make that account an admin. Most teams have received a join request from this user, but if not, then add it manually!

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A few changes and instructions!

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