One Week Left in Death Match 25 Qualification

One Week Left in Death Match 25 Qualification

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April is the qualification month for Death Match 25, and with only about one week remaining, below are some names who have good chances to get an invitation.

A refresher of the full rules can be read here. One reminder is that rules for this month are different than during our first qualification peiod - namely that you need to play only 75 blitz games to be eligible (to qualify under bullet, you still need to play 100).

Players that have not been active this month (or have very limited activity) or have played in a previous Death Match are not listed. Previous participants could only qualify if other top players decline.

Also note that World Blitz Champion GM Le Quang Liem (LiemLe on would be at the top of both categories, but he is playing in Death Match 24 on May 3 against GM Dmitry Andreikin!

There's another player on this list who used to be number one in the world in blitz! Scroll down to see who it is.

Bullet - Not counting a few anonymous accounts (which have to verify their identity to be eligible), there is an FM leading the standings. After Tuesday's Death Match 23, FMs are now two out of three in Death Matches!

Of players that have met the minimum 100 games, here are the usernames, real names, games played since 4/1/14 and bullet rating*:

FM Boryboy, identity not public** (plays under French flag), 183 games, 2650

IM Yaacovn, Yaacov Norowitz, 428 games, 2634
IM Yaacov Norowitz

NM Penguingm1, Andrew Tang, 114 games, 2599

Of players who have high ratings and are somewhat active this month in bullet, we have:

IM Brute4ever, Siddharth Ravichandran, 4 games, 3004!

FM Kulinarist, Andrey Kalinichev, 9 games, 2705

mary_cc, identity not public**, 8 games, 2702

Nouki, identity not public**, 57 games, 2656

IM Traxx, identity not public**, 20 games, 2632

GM Jark, Mark Paragua, 27 games, 2627

NM ChessNetwork, identity not public**, 98 games, 2578

Having trouble qualifying? There's always thumb wrestling.

Blitz - This race is again much less coveted. Only one player with a rating above 2500 has reached the minimum games threshold.

Meeting the minimum 75 games:

GM Contora, Boris Avrukh, 158 games, 2507

GM Boris Avrukh (left, obviously)

Notable players with some activity:

FM Kulinarist, Andrey Kalinichev, 5 games, 2707

NM TheTruth, identity not public, 3 games, 2571

IM TigerLilov, Valeri Lilov, 4 games, 2548

NM Matetricks, Andrew Ng, 4 games, 2536

IM Kacparov, Kacper Drozdowski, 32 games, 2456

GM Vovcoach, Yuri Vovk, 60 games, 2455

GM Dlugy, Maxim Dlugy, 9 games, 2452 (from 1988-1993, Dlugy was ranked #1 by the World Blitz Chess Association)

All players have until 12:00 a.m. Pacific (Los Angeles time) May 1, 2014 to attempt to qualify. The highest-rated in each category who has fulfilled the games requirement will get the first invitation!

*All ratings and games played are as of Wednesday evening, April 23, 2014.

**Players must make their identity public to play in the Death Match.

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