Photo and video report round 1

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After the drawing of lots on Friday, Saturday finally the first moves were made on the holy chess boards of the Corus Chess Tournament. The big guys started with what will be the strongest tournament of 2007. And if you look at the players, you can feel that they've come for some serious business. Perhaps it was this tension that caused the many draws of today (in group A only Radjabov won, against Van Wely). Chessvibes photographed and filmed the starting moments of round 1, and some analysis afterwards.

First the photos (by forest), below the videos (by peter and rapanui).

Veselin Topalov

Alexei Shirov

Magnus Carlsen

Loek van Wely

Sergey Tiviakov

Levon Aronian

Bu Xiangzhi

Stellan Brynell

Emanuel Berg

Erwin l'Ami

Jan Werle

Tatiana Kosintseva

And here the moving images:

Start of round 1

Post-mortem Navara-Aronian

Post-mortem Shirov-Svidler
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