Queens' Blitz Battle on Saturday

Queens' Blitz Battle on Saturday

WFM PhotoChess

This Saturday, 6th June, tune in for the epic battle between GMs Alexandra Kosteniuk and Anna Muzychuk!  

Chess is increasingly popular on Twitch, with more and more famous streamers turning to our game. Fortunately, a fair number of strong chess players create their own channels and let us witness how their remarkable brains works. GM Anna Muzychuk is one such example - her Twitch channel is live nearly every day over the past few weeks. She's been playing viewers and commentating her own games, and doing collaborations. Anna holds the titles of Women's World Rapid Champion (2016) and Women's World Blitz Champion (2014 and 2016).

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk, also known as ChessQueen, highlights of her illustrious career include winning the Women's World Champion title in 2008, tied first in the 2014 Women's World Rapid Championship, and became the first woman to win the open Swiss Chess Championship in 2013. She has been streaming for over two years, both in Russian and English, doing educational streams along with her competitive play. Alexandra is a frequent participant (and often a winner) of Titled Tuesdays and other tournaments on Chess.com. 

Both players have competed in multiple World Championships and Chess Olympiads for over a decade, winning a range of gold, silver and bronze medals in individual and team results.

First to 10 wins (draws do not count), with a time control of 3 minutes and 2 seconds increment, - we can expect an epic battle of the true chess queens. 

The match is happening thanks to Nikola Stojsin, who has secured sponsorship by Open Field Media. Nikola is a long-time supporter of chess on Twitch, and he also recently started streaming on his Twitch channel.

WFM Maria Emelianova will be commentating the match on her channel together with her coach, GM Vladimir Dobrov, starting 6 PM CEST (Noon EDT) on Saturday.

See you at https://www.twitch.tv/photochess