Reggio Emilia celebrates 50th edition

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At this moment the 50th edition of the Reggio Emilia tournament is taking place. The winter is really the period for all these tournaments with long traditions and now the Italians have their own milestone. Especially in the eighties, Reggio was a very strong tournament, with amongst its winners Portisch, Karpov and Anand. This year they have brought together an attractive group again: Almasi, Gashimov, Godena, Harikrishna, Korchnoi, Landa, Ni Hua, Marin, Navara and Tiviakov

This report is about the first four rounds. Still anything can happen because Almasi, Landa, Gashimov and Harikrishna are sharing the lead with 2.5 points. At the moment of writing the fifth round can be followed here.


drawing ceremony Marin Mihail Marin draw his lot

group photo Yes, that IS a nice group together.

screen What more does an audience need?

harikrishna-almasi Harikrishna-Almasi, and an interested Korchoi

navara ni hua Ni Hua-Navara

marin-tiviakov Marin-Tiviakov

kortchnoi-almasi Viktor Korchnoi and Zoltan Almasi analysing

cebalo analysis room Miso Cebalo explaining it all to the audience
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