Registered for Season 4!

Registered for Season 4!

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I want to thank everyone to choosing to play in Season 4 this season. Hopefully we can pull out the dubs! I think we can definitely challenge with our depth. We'll definitely miss some of the players we had last season though as they decide to take the season off to focus on their senior years. Let's have a run-through of our roster, shall we?

At Board 1, we have @ChessTactician33 representing Highland Park! You may know him as Michael in IHSA play, helping HPG to a scintillating 6.0 run this year. He's also representing Class of 2020!

At Board 2, we have @Le_Mer representing Glenbrook North! This guy challenged me to a piano battle at the Palatine Tournament — it's Diego Morales who provided the goods for GBN this year on Board 1. He's also representing Class of 2020 like Michael!

At Board 3, we have @AnandFan1692 from Connecticut! They were one of the more stellar performers from Season 3, with big wins on Board 1 for the Rockford Floridians against the likes of the Comets and Socially Distant Opposition.

At Board 4, we have @sapphireglacier who will be repping Glenbrook South in a few years! This will be their first season in the League so let's give them a warm welcome.

At Board 5, we have @jdfam7, one of the founding fathers of Raburn who will be returning to play this season! (at least, for now.) In the first two seasons of Raburn's existence, he played a pivotal role in the success of the Wisconsin Warhawks.

At Board 6, we have @jphillips from Rolling Meadows, an alumni and coach! Jon is an IHSA veteran and knows what it's like to win big at the event, especially on the top boards. We're honored to have him on the team.

At Board 7, we have @SuperSamraat as a Rockford Auburn affiliate! He's one of Michigan's top youth players and we're always cheering him on to represent. Samraat can turn the momentum in his game around instantly, as shown from his consistent showings late in last season.

At Board 8, we have @Ballernate22 from Palatine! Nate played Board 1 for Palatine this year and served a noble community role in the rebuild of the team which had recently graduated many seniors, qualifying for state and edging 94th (3.0/7) at the State tournament with all odds against them. More Class of 2020, let's go!

At Board 9, we have @KSPCricket from Elk Grove! Kunal played Board 1 for Elk Grove this year, sending them off to a good MSL performance along with a 44th place (4.0/7) finish at State. Representing Class of 2020!

At Board 10, we have @ethanv26 from Rockford Auburn! Ethan played Board 5 for Rockford Auburn this year, going 3.5/4 at the Sterling Invitational to lead Auburn to its first win there while also helping Auburn record 33rd (4.0/7) at the IHSA State Finals.

At Board 11, we have @turtlelover684 from West Chicago! That's right, Class of 2020! Steven played as Board 4 for West Chicago this year and scored his team's only points with a draw against the second seed Whitney Young in the first round, helping his team to an 87th place (3.0/7) finish.

And last but not least, at Board 12, we have @jzebra19 from Rolling Meadows! Since we're going with so many Class years, may as well celebrate the Class of 2021! Julia played as Board 4 for Rolling Meadows this year, scoring a respectable 4.5/7, helping her team to a 65th place (3.5/7) finish.

We really have an IHSA-built squad this year and it's super strong so I am super excited to see what this team can do.

This season, there will be new changes that hopefully make negotiations a whole lot easier and also, lessen the chance of a toxic interaction. If you have any questions, please comment down below, I'm always open to answer questions!

- RCR!!!

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